Friday, 15 June 2012


Hello blog. How are you? Desolate, lonesome, unloved? Like some pitiful web log orphan, begging for a few more views on the 'stats' page, hoping that someone is watching you parade around in your coloured fonts, scouring through your reverse chronological posts, on the verge of penetrating the barren comments section with a flurry of affirmation? You sicken me with your desperation. 

Joking aside, I've been busy. Four funerals and a wedding and we're not even halfway through the year yet. What the hell
 you playing at, Gods of Fortune? Piss off, would you?

Got a heap of works in progress at the moment. But until they surface, I thought I'd best pop in to post this candid shot of Dr John Viscum, taken from the very floral set of a short I've been making. 
Working title: CHILDREN OF THE SOIL.

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