Friday, 4 January 2013

London Short Film Festival 2013

Last summer I wrote and directed a short which I made with Ross Howie, a man prepared to do unspeakable things to plants for very little incentive. I'm very happy that our small film Children of the Soil will have it's first public screening at the London Short Film Festival on the 5th of January, as part of New Shorts #6: Low-Budget Mayhem.

Big thanks to Media Education for kindly lending us some lights, Ailsa Morgan and Colin & Sally Howie for locations and tasty bites, Kim Richmond for banging the drums like Ginger Baker and Olivia Gifford for driving a car full of tonnes of period detail. If anyone spots the vintage Brains coaster on screen, F.A.B to you!

Some of these folk on twitter:


Will get the film online in the not too distant future.

Happy tenth birthday to the London Short Film Festival!  

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