Sunday, 5 May 2013

Where Do You Want This Killing Done?

I spent last weekend visiting the salty old Queen of the sea, wonderful Copenhagen! Turned out there was a number of great cinemas there but I only managed to catch a film at the Empire Bio, in the Norrebro district. It's well worth seeking out. I saw the 2012 film Stories We Tell, Sarah Polley's compelling documentary about family narratives. I also visited the Danish Film Institute but found the archives closed on a Monday, so had to settle for a cold beer in the cafe and a browse through the programme in a language unfamiliar to me, possibly Danish.

The above picture was taken in the Assistens Kirkegard, an amazing graveyard two minutes from where I was staying. You can find the headstones of countless Danish greats here, including fairy-tale heavyweight champion Hans Christian Anderson. As a Religious Studies graduate, top of the body pile for me was proto-existentialist philosopher Soren Kierkegaard. Kierkegaard's epic riff on God asking Abraham to stab up his son Isaac just to prove his faith always stuck with me. Faith is a gnarly old business.

I'm off to stick on Highway 61 Revisited, dig out my old copy of Fear and Trembling and spark up a Gauloise (that's an existentialist joke that's not very funny, probably because we live in a meaningless  world). I'll leave you with a film I saw in the Statens Museum for Kunst by a lesser known Danish surrealist, Wilhelm Freddie. It's like a more disturbing Un Chien Andalou that will put you off bread for a good while.

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