Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The King of Marvin Gardens

I've been a right shitter to this blog, letting the poor bastard languish in the doldrums of blogscurity as if nobody reads it. As if! Anyway, I'm going to start bleeding out all the little disturbances that I make on the surface of Mother Earth. Next time I accidentally floss too hard and draw blood and wince - gonna blog it. But let's begin this foolhardy promise of more content by winding the clock back a couple of months. 

Here’s a link to a piece I wrote in July for the Picturehouse Blog on the reissue of downbeat 70s drama THE KING OF MARVIN GARDENS. Not the most celebrated of those wonderful 70's American New Wave flicks but it gnaws at the soul like a hungry beaver with an insatiable appetite and a pair of gnashers that could fell the sturdiest Norwegian spruce. You get the picture: it's a film worth subjecting yourself to. And the Park Circus reissue is very pretty indeed.

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